Lebron James Basketball

Basketball: The King’s game

If you talk about Lebron James Basketball, what comes to mind is his overall leadership on the court. It’s not everyday that you get to see an NBA superstar who has a pass-first mentality whenever he suits up for a game.

Michael Jordan may have scored more points than him on a per-game basis, but there is no denying that Lebron James, who is averaging close to “triple-doubles” in scores, rebounds and assists, is one of the great players to play the game of basketball. He is committed to winning, and makes his teammates look good in the process. So what is the secret to the King’s prowess on the court? Maybe it’s what we always see but don’t pay enough attention to – the sneakers he’s wearing.

Since 2003, there have been different pairs of basketball shoes donned by James. And because of the protection and comfort these shoes bring, Lebron James can bring his A-game every night. This is because the designers over at Nike make sure that Zoom Lebron series fits the current MVP’s style of play, an athletic 6’8 forward who can play 4 positions at any given time. And with everything he needs found in the shoes he’s wearing, he can play to his maximum potential, a scoring machine on the other end and a defensive monster on the defensive end.

This is what Lebron James Basketball is all about. He will give his everything in every game and expects his teammates to do the same.

Zoom LeBron 4 (IV)

23’s a Lucky Number

With a 90 million-dollar contract with Nike, LeBron James swept in the new 2006-2007 playoff year with more amazing victories. The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by James, won their first sweep over the Washington Wizards with four straight victories. He set on to win more victories against the New Jersey Nets, advancing the team for the first time in fifteen years to the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Detroit Pistons, a victory which led them to play in the NBA Finals. Also, for the third time in a row, LeBron once again took part of the NBA All-Star game.

To be on par with the player’s outstanding performance, Nike released the Zoom LeBron 4 on the winter of 2006. With an “XXIII,” LeBron’s jersey number, designed on the front, this shoe once again captures the NBA star’s personality on-and-off the court. Like the rest of the Nike Zoom franchise, it still had the Zoom Air unit for comfortable wear and a carbon fiber shank for support. It had the general feel of a powerful and dominating shoe, just like how James was at court. Of course, it still retained the King James lion design — the tattoo LeBron has on right arm. The Zoom LeBron 4 also made use of foam technology to ensure perfect balance for the wearers and to make the shoe look nice and smooth under the court lights. Some of the available colorways are the white/Midnight Navy and the Black LeBrons.

Despite sporting a much heavier feel than previous Nike Air Zoom franchise shoes, the Zoom LeBron 4 is still a good pair for basketball players, and even for those who would want it for daily wear.

LeBron James 7 Footwear: A New Series Of Outstanding Footwear From Nike

There are very few people that can claim the supremacy of being the best salesmen in basketball footwear. As a mater of fact, there are very few basketball shoe brands that can actually be considered as the best sellers. However, when it comes to this, the king of basketball shoes ultimately has to be Nike. All the way back to 1984; they have been in the industry making all the game’s shoes that cater for whatever needs the players have.

Whether you are on the court during a game or off the court jogging, you need shoes that are easy and comfortable to wear. Two of the most influential players in the game’s history have in the past endorsed the brand leading to its immense popularity. These two players are Chuck Taylor of Converse All Stars and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

This was inculcated into the industry back in 1910. These are some of the snickers that are preferred by players and fans of the game alike, especially if you really want to have the kind of performance that actually makes the game.

Sales volumes largely depend on the kind of relationships the shoe manufacturers develop and maintain with the heads of athletic bodies within the country. Also, the manufacturers have to cater for for the specific needs of interested parties; in this case players, coaches and fans, and be adequately in touch with current fashion trends to make sure that the designs they release each year are appealing to likely customers.

In spite of this, it is also very crucial that a manufacturer strives get customers and would be buyers to trust his brand. One of the ways for doing this is sufficient marketing campaigns and in this case what better way to market than to have players wear their brands during their matches to prove the toughness and comfort and to also have them attest to feel and comfort on and off the court. Converse Taylor All Stars has successfully applied this model as an effective marketing tool that has seen profits soar.

One of the other players that have made their mark in the basketball footwear industry has to be LeBron James. He actually became famous in this field while still in high school. The difference between him and the other players is that whilst they all had to wait until they started playing in the professional leagues to be famous, he beat them to it while still a young boy.

For this reason, Nike was able to sign him up to endorse their sport wear way before all the other companies were able to do so, in particular before he even made it to the pro league. They actually managed to design James LeBron footwear that he would actually wear during his play duration in the NBA.

When it comes to this game’s footwear, these have to be by far some of the names that have made it in the industry so far. To have a clearer picture, you can ask any player that has any of these wear what it feels like, and for sure, you will get the perfect answer.

A Volt Pair of Nike Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

The Nike Zoom Hyperdunk is a very humble shoe. It has to be. Each and every year this shoe is overshadowed by the high profile Nike signature sneakers that are dropped in the names of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. These signature sneaker lines seem to get all the publicity. This, in spite of the fact that those shoes are built at or above the same innovative and high performance standards that the Hyperdunk 2011 is. The new LeBron 9 and Kobe VII shoes will definitely get the most attention in the crowded basketball shoe marketplace. Well, that same marketplace has seen the Hyperdunk drop as often as the Kobe signature shoe. In other words, Nike has created a extremely high performance shoe in contructing the Hyperdunk and continues to improve the quality of the shoe. Just like they do with the LeBron and Kobe signature sneakers.

Like those shoes, the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 is a shoe that was and is designed for a baller who wants exceptional responsiveness on a basketball court. The Nike Flywire that is used on the shoe molds to the foot and creates the ultimate in comfort and support. Nike Phylon is used in the midsole for maximum impact protection. A solid rubber outsole provides for the best traction available in a basketball shoe. Getting the picture yet? These innovate design elements which are also used in Nike’s flagship LeBron and Kobe shoes, allow the Hyperdunk to offer an extremely lightweight ride for the avid baller.

Nike has released this shoe in a seemingly endless amount of colorways. One of the many different releases of the Hyperdunk 2011 that is available, is in a color Nike has dubbed “Volt”. This color is very similar to an electric lime. This particular colorway of the shoe uses Volt on it’s upper, tongue, laces, and a portion of the midsole. White is used on the ankle collar and solid rubber outsole. Metallic Silver takes care of the Swoosh. This shoe definitely stands out in the basketball crowd. Literally and figuratively. This is a shoe that commands attention due to it’s color. This one will not go unnoticed on the court. It also commands attention due to the it’s high performance standards.

Originally introduced in 2008, the Hyperdunk has become more and more popular each and every year it is released. This year has already seen 30 colorways of the Hyperdunk 2011 drop. This shoe is an epic shoe. However, not all of them are as epic as the new Volt colorway. This is definitely a pair of the best shoes that Nike has made available for basketball. And that includes any pair of the new LeBron and Kobe shoes.