New 2011 Shoes Create New Marks

The Golden Globe Awards are often a barometer on some of the new fashion trends ready to sweep the country. Among some of those new looks showcased were some new shoe styles. New 2011 shoes will be hitting the market and everybody is already lining up to buy them. In addition to the fancier dress style shoes, new athletic shoes are set to hit the market. There will be shoes from the same stars that have been doing it for years as well as some new comers to the game.

Shoes have always taken their cue from the stars. Especially the fancy dress shoe. This year will be no different. Many new styles were on display at the awards shoe including some wooden sandals worn by Heidi Klum and some more jewel encrusted sandals worn by Olivia Wilde. They got noticed as they walked the carpet because pictures of their shoes made headlines the next day. Yes, their shoes made the headlines.

Designers have long sought after a shoe that would make the dress as opposed to being a compliment to the dress. This year people are saying that it will happen. They all expect the shoes to become a statement maker. The trend this year with shoes seem to be the color more than anything. They are looking at bright colors. Something to make a bold statement and draw attention to the shoe.

With over 30 NBA stars selling a designer athletic shoe the market is just saturated with these shoes. However for some of the lesser stars, unless you are a fan of theirs you are not going to pass up a Lebron James shoe for theirs. It just does not happen. And the manufacturers know it so they will pick and choose their NBA representatives carefully to make sure they do not fund a bust.

Among Lebron and Kobe, others will also get into the fray. There is actually a list of about 30 players from around the league that have their own shoe designs. Of course some are more desirable than others. For some players unless you are a fan of theirs directly, you will not be wearing their shoes. Not like with Kobe and Lebron. While they do not have the Jordan flair they still have a decent amount of popularity.

However athletic shoes are not just relegated to the NBA. There are many shoes that hold their own in the market from companies such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and Converse to name just a few. But with the shoe companies that have the biggest market share, all of them are excited about what they have coming out in 2011. They all declare that this is going to be a year of big shoes, big surprises and big sales. With the struggling economy starting to come around, they anticipate shoe sales to rebound as well.

New players will also delve into new markets. For example the skateboard shoe companies will try to take from the NBA shoe market. Hoping to make a type of crossover shoe that will appeal to both the jock and the skateboarding kids alike. If it works they will take a large chunk out of the market and rake in some good money in the process. This could set up one or two companies to really make a move in the coming years.

This is also going to be a year that many expect the skateboarding shoes to take a large leap as well. Many think that the DC shoe line and others from that market will make strides this year and cut into some of the other market sales in 2011. They say if that was to happen, we could see a whole new evolution in shoe design in the coming years as some styles may begin to merge. We will also see new designs hit the market as this change up will allow some new players to hit the scene also.

Cyber Monday 2010 Christmas Gift Ideas From Eastbay – Air Jordans, Lebron James and NFL Jerseys

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many people are already discussing cyber Monday and Black Friday sales and deals. Over the next several weeks a growing number of Americans will continue to wait and hope that many coupons are offered for savings when it comes to these busy shopping days. One of the companies that will likely offer a coupon and free shipping during cyber Monday is Eastbay. This athletic apparel provider has helped many people come up with some great Christmas gift ideas such as Air Jordans, LeBron James Nike shoes and popular NFL jerseys.

Before spending any money on Christmas gift ideas in 2010 it is always a smart decision to see what deals and sales will be available during the busier shopping days. Even though we are just before Halloween it is already the case that many retailers have reported that they will offer steep discounts when it comes to Black Friday and cyber Monday. This comes as no surprise as the overall economy continues to struggle with an employment rate that is over 9%. Many American households are going to look to cut back on spending when it comes to Christmas gifts this year.

Taking the time and effort to think of some very good Christmas gift ideas is very important to make your family happy during the Christmas holiday. Some very interesting Christmas gift ideas could include NFL jerseys. Some of the popular NFL jerseys that are currently being purchased by many people include:

#9 Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys

#28 Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings

#43 Troy Polamalu – Pittsburgh Steelers

#28 Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans

#18 Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts

#9 Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

#17 Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers

#4 Brett Favre – Minnesota Vikings

#15 Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos

#85 Chad Ochocinco – Cincinnati Bengals

#7 Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles

This is a very short list when it comes to NFL players that have jerseys available at most retailers. Remember that some of these authentic jerseys can be quite expensive so it might be a good idea to consider research in other areas such as eBay or some of the discount retailers online. Taking the time and effort to better understand what jersey your son or daughter wants could prove to be very important when it comes to making that Christmas purchase in 2010. You want to make certain that they get the jersey of their favorite NFL player.

LeBron 8 Playoff Pack

The LeBron 8 Playoff Pack: The Next Stage of the Evolution.

As one of the most talented basketball players, make that one of the most talented athletes, period, of Nike, LeBron James is unsurprisingly one of those athletes that the Oregon-based company is giving sizable treatment to. As his Miami Heat march towards the playoffs, leave it to Nike to produce something for him to specifically use in their run for the championship. Enter the Nike Air Max LeBron 8 Playoff Pack.

The Nike Air Max Lebron 8 PS is the third and final step to the evolution of the LeBron 8 shoe line. The shoe material is thoroughly modified while maintaining the original silhouette of the original. Replacing Nike’s Flywire technology is the same mesh-based material used in their best selling Hyperfuse shoes. Also, the cushioning for this shoe is significantly different. Instead of the Air Max 360 sole that is found on the V1 and V2 LeBron 8s, it is replaced with an Air Max 180 unit for the heel. Across the forefoot, Zoom Air is employed for cushioning up to the toes. Also, for additional support for the arch of your foot, a carbon fiber shank plate was integrated. Astoundingly enough, these modifications allow the Lebron 8 Playoff pack to weigh a full 2.5 ounces lighter than the Lebron 8 Version 1.

Nike released the Air Max Lebron 8 PS just last April 16, just in time for the Miami Heat’s first game for the 2011 NBA Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers. And coinciding with this release is the Playoff Pack, the first colorways that would hit the retail stores. The first colorway of the playoff pack that was released is the white one. It features a predominantly white base. The inner part of the shoe is red, which comes out through the pores of the Hyperfuse to create a great white/red effect. Black highlights, most predominantly seen on the swoosh logo, are placed strategically to create proper contrast. The second colorway of the Playoff Pack feature a black base, with red and white generously spread out along details such as the laces, the swoosh, and the heel. The black colorway is just as good as the white one. Most of the people that saw the LeBron 8 Playoff Pack liked it, in fact, based on feedback, it just might be one of the most popular shoes in the LeBron line this year.

If you want to have a good performance basketball shoes that have simple yet great looks too, the2 shoes of the LeBron 8 Playoff Pack is just right for you.

Air Max LeBron 8 – Miami Heat Stokes

Le Bron’s Move to the Miami Heat Stokes Interest for the Nike Air Max Le Bron 8

Anticipation is continuously growing for the Nike Air Max LeBron James 8, which is the eighth signature shoe of the NBA superstar James. Although the reception on all the previous editions of James shoes from his signature collection has been hot, interest in the James 8 has been particularly fierce because of his controversial decision to move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat, making Air Max James 8 the first James shoe released under his new team. Le Bron has also been building demands for the shoes by being photographed wearing the kicks during the Le Bron James Skills Academy and the King’s Academy.

Early teaser videos for the Air Max Le Bron 8 released by Nike have revealed a shoe that is not substantially different from the previous releases of Le Bron’s signature shoes. Among the interesting details noted by fans is the use of the “Lion head” logo on the tongue of the shoe, a black, white and red colorways and the suede upper with fly wire or carbon fiber panels. There is also a woven patch behind the tongue, reading, “engineered and designed to the exact specifications of Mr. LeBron James 828”. One major detail that will probably change, however, is the ‘LBJ23’ at the back of the shoe, for LeBron has changed his jersey number under Miami Heat.

Although the photos featuring the shoe with the black/white/red colorways have been of a men size 9, the earliest teaser photos of the James Air max 8 have been of an all-white kid’s size shoe that still featured the LBJ23 logo, although the Lion head logo was also present. However, this shoe is generally believed to be an early development model, and it is still unsure if Nike will release the James 8 with an all-white colorway. The shoe is scheduled to hit the retail outlets in November although there are some online outlets where you can order them early.