The History Of Lebron James Shoes

Lebron James is a popular NBA basketball player in America. He entered the league as the number one draft pick in 2003 and was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers. After seven record setting years, James became a free agent and left Ohio to join the Miami Heat. The player has sparked a wave of controversy and inspired stadiums full of crazed fans but the Lebron James shoes are easily the most recognizable result of his influence.

James was born in December of 1984 and raised by a single mother. During his high school years, Lebron was known for shattering records and impressive stats. He had already experienced an enormous amount of fame and attention. He was named the Gatorade National Player of the Year during his junior year and played in three different all star games when he was a senior. Even his basketball games were nationally televised.

Rather than playing ball in college, the then eighteen year old star opted to go straight into the NBA. Teams all over the country desperately wanted the young talent but it was his home state’s team that used their first pick to grab him up.

Like many popular athletes, James was offered various different endorsement deals. However, unlike other players, he was offered a considerable amount before he even began his professional career. He currently has deals with over five different companies including McDonald’s, Sprite. However, it’s his work with Nike that has garnered the most attention.

Nike Incorporated is a major sportswear and equipment company that was founded in 1964. The company, which was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, is now one of the most profitable and sought after brands in the world. From their shoes and clothing to their jerseys and athletic gear, Nike has become a internationally recognized symbol. They are also known for recruiting and paying top athletes from many different sports to help promote their gear. The most talented soccer, football, and basketball players are paid handsomely to advertise the company’s brand.

With the Nike company, Lebron James has released six signature styled shoes plus four regular ones. They are, among others, the Ambassador, the Soldier, the Air Max, and the Zoom. The shoes from his signature collection tend to come out in the winter of each year, although he has also regular released new ones to coincide with that year’s playoff games.

All of the different products feature varying designs and colors but for the most part they share the same basic structure. To provide optimum performance on the court, the shoes feature thick sides and gripped bottoms. They also offer cushioned impacts with their double stacked heels. And their high laces help prevent career ending ankle rolls as well.

The different styles all feature James’ personal touch as well. For instance, the Nike Zooms have Lebron’s signature “King James” lion graphic on the tongues and his personal logo on the sides. Many of his playoff sneakers were released in colors that matched his team’s.

Air Max Lebron 8 Blackout Edition

Have you ever seen the latest Lebron shoe from Nike footwear? The new Nike Airmax Lebron 8 Blackout is definitely one of the coolest lebron shoes that the Nike footwear has ever created. Following the Nike Lebron tradition, this edition looks really cool and it really differs from the other Lebron shoes. The new lebron 8 blackout edition is a great addition to the Nike Lebron shoes airmax collection.

The Nike Airmax is a line of shoes which is created by Nike Inc. It is usually used in playing sports games such as basketball. The Lebron 8 is a signature shoes which is created in honor of one of the NBA superstar Lebron James. It has been making its name in the market and patronized by several NBA fans and those people who idolizes Lebron James. The Lebron 8 Blackout is the latest product of Nike Lebron. It is an all black shoe with a lion logo on the tongue, flat laces, and additional details such as the carbon fiber plates on the medial and lateral sides. NBA basketball superstar lerbon james’s new signature logo can be seen on the heel part of the Nike Lebron 8 blackout shoe. Expect to see Lebron james playing with his new team Miami heat and he is definitely going to wear this pair of shoe in the latest NBA season.

The Nike Airmax has really evolved since it was created back in 1987. It is now becoming a hobby and a culture to all the NBA fans round the world to collect a signature NBA shoes such as Jordan and Lebron. The Lebron 8 Blackout is highly anticipated by several NBA fans and sneaker addicts around the world and they all can’t wait to have this unique and one of a kind shoes.

LeBron 8 PS Finals Edition

Closing Out in Explosive Style

The Nike LeBron 8 shoes have continually evolved over the course of the season, almost following through the twists of LeBron James’ most interesting and controversial season yet. We have seen changes both superficial and structural. Multiple colorways have been released, providing a deep palette of colors for both ballers and collectors to choose from. In addition, there are 3 structural evolutions involving the LeBron 8.

First to come out was the V1, a shoe equipped with an Air Max 360 sole and Nike’s Flywire technology. Considered an evolution of the LeBron 7, this shoe provides ample support and comfort, even for the biggest ballers. The V2 then came out. Armed with a modified upper, the carbon fiber panels are removed from the shoe and the base is wrapped in even more lightweight synthetic material and Flywire, making this shoe lighter than the V1. Then the PS came out. Now a full 2.5 ounces lighter than the V1, the materials for this shoe were radically modified. Flywire was replaced with the same mesh-type material seen in the Hyperfuse, the sole was replaced with a unit composed of an Air Max 180 heel unit and a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

All kinds of modifications, and all kinds of colorways, were introduced during this tumultuous year in the career of LeBron. Now that he and his Miami Heat are in the NBA Finals, Nike has announced that they are releasing a special player edition (PE): the LeBron 8 PS Finals. This shoe, according to Nike, formally closes the book on the evolution of the LeBron 8 series.

The LeBron 8 PS Finals edition just might have the flashiest color combination among all the PS edition shoes, perhaps maybe of the entire LeBron 8 series altogether. The base of the shoe is colored red, apparently in homage to his team, the Miami Heat. And if the fiery base is not enough, a smattering of other Heat colors: white, yellow, and black, combine forces to form a scorching visage that will surely catch your attention, and then some. The placing of the subcolors work perfectly: the white tongue and lace, the black heel and sole, and the yellow lining of the swoosh, perfectly compliment the red base.

The LeBron 8 PS Finals edition debuted in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. And while the Heat eventually lost, this limited-edition shoe has carved a reputation for itself to sneakerheads. It had closed out the LeBron 8 series in a style so explosive, you just have to wonder about the value of this shoe had the Heat managed to win the NBA title.

Lebron James Shoes

The Key Factor in the King’s Game

Every game night, he would file up the stats in rebounds, steals, shot blocks and assists. All night he’ll dunk the ball, fire the three and shoot the fade away. This is how Lebron James plays his game. But did you ever wonder why the “King” plays this good? Part of the answer lies beneath the soles of his feet.

Since the King entered the NBA, Lebron James shoes have become a legend on its own. This is probably the only time a shoe company had invested so much in promoting the shoe and the man itself. The shoes alone has made the man somewhat in the same league as Michael Jordan – you can’t help but compare the Lebron James Shoes to that of Air Jordans. In the 80s, Nike took the young Jordan under its wings and flourished in a sport once dominated by Converse.

Now the company took another star in James. This partnership has resulted to close to 20 shoe designs with different color varieties – from the numbered series and the secondary series to the low-tops edition. It’s no surprise that the Lebron James shoes have become an instant hit the moment they were released in the market. Consumers not only buy the shoes because of the man who wears it, but also because of their distinctive designs.

More than the aesthetic value, the shoe design was made to cater to the wearer’s comfort and protection. This is one of the probable reasons why Lebron, despite being an athletic forward who plays above the rim, never had major injuries in the span of his professional career.