Lebron James Basketball

Basketball: The King’s game

If you talk about Lebron James Basketball, what comes to mind is his overall leadership on the court. It’s not everyday that you get to see an NBA superstar who has a pass-first mentality whenever he suits up for a game.

Michael Jordan may have scored more points than him on a per-game basis, but there is no denying that Lebron James, who is averaging close to “triple-doubles” in scores, rebounds and assists, is one of the great players to play the game of basketball. He is committed to winning, and makes his teammates look good in the process. So what is the secret to the King’s prowess on the court? Maybe it’s what we always see but don’t pay enough attention to – the sneakers he’s wearing.

Since 2003, there have been different pairs of basketball shoes donned by James. And because of the protection and comfort these shoes bring, Lebron James can bring his A-game every night. This is because the designers over at Nike make sure that Zoom Lebron series fits the current MVP’s style of play, an athletic 6’8 forward who can play 4 positions at any given time. And with everything he needs found in the shoes he’s wearing, he can play to his maximum potential, a scoring machine on the other end and a defensive monster on the defensive end.

This is what Lebron James Basketball is all about. He will give his everything in every game and expects his teammates to do the same.