LeBron James Shoes – The Shoe Fit For the King

Even before LeBron James entered the National Basketball Association, the whole nation has already fallen in love with him. During his time with St. Vincent – St. Mary High School, he has been the subject of features from USA Today, Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine.

No other high school player has gotten that much national attention other than LeBron (other high school NBA draftees like Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady only made their names known after playing for the professional league). Even before his actual signing with a pro league team, Nike has already partnered with him to create James’ LeBron shoes, the signature sneakers that he would eventually wear in the NBA.

Nike has had quite a long line of superstars with their very own Nike Signature Sneaker, among which is Vince Carter. But it is perhaps in LeBron’s era that Nike scored big in terms of sales and promotion. The shoe manufacturer never had it this big since probably the time of Michael Jordan (who once put the Nike franchise on the map). But why is it that James’ LeBron shoes is a sought after item not only in the US but also in other parts of the world like China?

It is probably because of the shoe’s design that has a wide appeal, thanks to the creative designers over at Nike. His signature sneakers can be worn not just by pro ballers, but also by the weekend warriors. It looks great on casual wear as much as it is good on the playing court.